In case you missed it, or you would just like a review, yesterday's service at TRBC marked a first in the life of our church.


We adopted a missionary apprentice, Bailey Kennedy, with hopes of being her sending church when the time comes for her to go on to the field.


Things started off with an interview with her to explore some big-picture concepts of global missions. You can access that ten-minute conversation here.


Then the sermon focused on Revelation 5:1-10. You can listen to the fifty-minute audio here.


The content of a bulletin insert everyone received detailing the plan for "owning" Bailey thoughout the process is summarized below.



One, designate her as “Missionary Apprentice” on the website.


Two, introduce her to the congregation as an apprentice with pre-teaching interview ASAP.


Three, couple intro with a Sunday focusing on global missions including an appropriate sermon text.


Four, feature Bailey’s story on the blog as part of the intro.


Five, include monthly blog posts (minimum) by her, updating her progress and/or emphasizing missions.


Six, connect (when appropriate) with a Serge rep connected to Bailey to assure our vested interest in her application.


Seven, invite her to report quarterly (or more as needed) to the elders about her progress.


Eight, task her to help us draft a  philosophy of global missions at TRBC to guide our future increased involvement in the Great Commission task.


Nine, as she enters the support raising phase of her mission, facilitate her making her needs known for partnership with members of our congregation.


Ten, consider partnering with her in monthly support from the TRBC missions budget (see #11 below).


Eleven, designate a percentage of weekly general fund giving towards global missions from which our HeartCry giving already comes.


Twelve, include her by name regularly in the Sunday worship prayer of intercession and on Wednesday nights.


It was a landmark day in the life of our fledgling church. Thanks be to God!