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Her journey left off with a six-month teaching stint in Kenya in 2019.


At that point, I returned to the U.S. to finish my degree in Christian ministry, which I am very close to completing at this point. I spent my initial time back in the States working in New Mexico prior to moving back here to be nearer to my parents and family.


Throughout the past 7-8 years I have been exploring and confirming the fact that I am called by God to go overseas as a cross-cultural ministry. Here at TRBC and at a host of previous churches, I have submitted myself to leadership for their consideration, as I do not go out as one person, but rather I am to go out as in Scripture, sent by a local body of believers as part of the function of the church locally and universally.


We dare not lose sight of the fact that missions is not simply a side function of the church, but it is the prime directive of the Body of Christ. The only plan of God to reach the nations is the church. We are all partakers in the Great Commission if we are partakers of Christ.


The task does not get easier as time goes on. The easy-to-reach places have thus far been reached, and the hard-to-reach places remain. Statistically, billions of people remain totally unreached with the Gospel. This is not to merely say that they are unsaved, but rather that they have never heard of Christ and if someone does not go to them, they never will. That’s well over 6,000 linguistic groups who do not have a visible church, a Bible in their language, a single qualified pastor. If you want more information on the subject, check out the Joshua Project.


It is my firm conviction that I am called to be one of those who goes to the nations, to address the innumerable souls who are dying without hope of anything but wrath even now. That calling has been confirmed by qualified men in this church and others. My calling is not merely a belief that I should do something, but is more that I must go, or be guilty of grave disobedience to Christ. Knowing that I will stand before God one day, I dare not do so having neglected his Bride in any way.


There still remains so much work to be done, and without Christ it would be insurmountable, but that is the task to which I and all of you here at TRBC and the church universally are called.