As announced last Sunday, we will receive a special love offering this Sunday, August 29, 2021.

The funds collected will go to the support of Dakota Davis for a unique opportunity God has given him this fall.

Here are his own words to describe the situation:

Lord willing, I will be going from mission here in Idaho on a short-term, three-week mission to Ghana, and The Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa, this October, 2nd-22nd. My mission will be to help train and equip local pastors to be able to effectively and adequately interpret and teach scripture themselves. I will be going out under the umbrella of International Training & Equipping Ministries, commissioned by the Lord and sent by our local church. I will be going along side a long-time pastor and missionary, Bill Williams, of Banks Lake Bible Church in Electric City, Washington. On this trip I will be learning the ropes as a sort of apprentice underneath Bill to help and instruct in anyway possible. This will ensure that in the future I can offer more assistance with the teaching and equipping of the local,  indigenous African pastors.

This offering will be received in a designated basket on the entryway table. Please make your checks out to TRBC and write "Davis Offering" on the memo line.

Please also remember that this is an offering above-and-beyond our regular general fund giving.

Thank you!