How exciting!


Not only do we get to hear our new pastor's first sermon this Sunday, but we get to start studying a new book of the Bible--Paul's first letter to Timothy.


Here are some ideas for advance preparation which will help you get the most out of every message to come in this rich book of the Bible.


First, read through all six chapters at least a few times between now and Sunday. As you do, get a sense of the flow of the letter. Search for a key verse or two which reveal Paul's purpose in writing. He makes it pretty easy in this letter! Identify the major topics and themes covered. Each of these steps will familiarize you with the book's big picture and enhance your insight into the specific verses Pastor Eric will cover each week.


Second, read some extra-biblical resource's introduction material for First Timothy. There you will learn about important facts regarding the date, author, occasion, themes, and other important information about the book. For an online resource you may find helpful check out this TGC course.


Third, spend some time camped out in 1 Timothy 1:1-2, Pastor Eric's text for this Sunday. At first you may be tempted to think there's not much there to ponder. You will be surprised what your meditation and study reveal! Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you reflect on the text. Ask questions of the passage making use of the six "W's"--Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How. Make note af any questions the text raises in your mind. Bring them to your listening this Sunday and see if the Lord doesn't answer them for you.


Finally, pray for this sermon. Pray for Pastor Eric in his preparation and delivery. Pray for our congregation to receive the word and profit by it.


The preached word always acts every Sunday as a means of grace in our lives, but the Lord gives even more grace when we prepare well in advance.


For some worship music inspiration, check out the sweet tune below!