JANUARY 30, 2022 at TRBC

This will be an abbreviated post.


We learned earlier this week that Jan's stepdad passed away last Friday. We believe the Lord would have us join the family graveside this Tuesday. I have been asked to conduct the service. Your prayers will be much appreciated. We return next Thursday, Lord willing.


All I have (Joel is preparing the rest of the liturgy) for this Sunday is the following:


Old Testament Reading: 2 Chronicles 20:1-12

New Testament Reading: Acts 13:1-3


Sermon Title: "Our Eyes Are on You, Lord: Thoughts on Pastoral Succession"


A brief word about the message:


I've selected a video message by Pastor John Piper. I had the privilege of hearing it live in Nashville a few years ago as we were researching strategies for the succession process at Orlando Grace Church.


While the contexts are different, the principles Piper articulates have considerable application to our journey at TRBC as we search for my successor.


I commend this message to you!


We will miss you all this Sunday, but look forward to getting back to Genesis with you on February 6.