JULY 10, 2022 at TRBC

Here are the elements for this Sunday's worship service!


Pre-Teaching: 1689 LBCF, "God's Decree" (3:5 & 6)


Hymns of Praise: 


All Hail the Power and Eternal God


Hymn Of Gratitude: Not in Me


Old Testament Reading: Exodus 33:12-23

New Testament Reading: Romans 9:6-18


Sermon Text: Genesis 48:1-22

Sermon Title: "Dying By Faith in the Promise of Purpose" Part Two

                       Pastor Curt Heffelfinger


Hymn of Response: O Father, You Are Sovereign


After a short break following the service, the covenant members will vote regarding the call of our next vocational teaching elder. The results will be immediately tabulated and announced to all. The fellowship meal will then be served. Please bring a dish to share.