If the word picture still works  . . .  seems appropriate to me!


Hard as it is to believe, we've had our line in the water "fishing" for a new teaching elder for nine months now. I assure you the length of our succession process is no exception. Most churches find it takes as much as two years to transition from one pastor to the next.


We have learned much through interviews with the first two candidates. The time has come to engage the third.


This past Sunday we distribted a handout introducing Pastor E to the congregation. It contained his picture, a brief bio, and the URL to access a database for listening to recent sermons he has preached.


Why not post that information online? Good question.


Pastor E currently serves another congregation elsewhere in the country. He has requested we keep this candidating process private until such time as we may call him, Lord willing, to TRBC and he accept.


Copies of the handout will remain available at the church indefinitely. If you would like to know the URL immediately, email me at and I will be happy to send you the link. We encourage you to take advantage of this resource and to listen to as many messages as possible prior to hearing him in person.


Please do not post anything about this process on any social media platform!


Travel arrangements have been made for Pastor E and his wife to visit with our TRBC family from May 21-24. He will fill the pulpit on Sunday the 22nd. Following the fellowship meal, we will have a Q & A session with him. Members and attenders alike are welcome to attend, however, as with all our church family meetings, we request that questions be posed by covenant members only.


As more details are firmed up about the extended weekend with our candidate, we will update the body accordingly.


Please keep praying as we keep "fishing" by faith!