There is a method to my madness in this post.


i want you thinking ahead to May 22 and the opportrunity for our covenant members to play "Ask Anything" with our pastoral candidate.


Of course I'm joking. That interview opportunity is anything but a game.


Good questions posed in such a situation go a long way to wise decision making on the part of a congregation choosing its next teaching elder.


You may well develop a different list than mine. That's perfectly fine. My question is will you have one?


So here goes, in no particular order of prioriority:


  1. Why do you feel led to leave your current ministry assignment to pursue a call at TRBC?
  2. What three words might you hope people would say to describe you at your memorial service?
  3. Where has the Lord revealed an idol of your heart that you must fight to subdue with His help?
  4. Who are the authors you esteem, dead and alive, for your enrichment in the faith?
  5. How do you maintain the vitality of your spiritual life in the face of the daily demands of ministry?
  6. What guiding principles shape the way you love/lead/shepherd your wife and children?
  7. How would you hope to lead us to be salt and light evangelistically in the Clearwater valley?
  8. When do you think you might want to lead us toward changes as a church and how do you approach your role as a change agent?
  9. What top two or three lessons have you learned the hard way thus far as a pastor?
  10. What question do you hope no one asks you?


Gotcha thinkin? I hope so! 


Make your list and bring it with you.