Please forgive the brevity of this post. I'm blogging from Greensboro, NC today, where Jan and I are visiting her eldest daughter and family.


I promised I would not take long, but the latest development in our succession journey demands at least publishing the bottom line.


At the risk of wearing out the fishing metaphor, in God's providence we've lost another one off the line.  In a most detailed and heartfelt email received yesterday, Nathan Martin withdrew from consideration as our next staff pastor-teacher.


I can't go into detail, but I can say that the demands of the job description for our unique context exceed what Nathan genuinely feels he can fulfill in this season of his life and ministry. We so appreciate his honesty and humility in owning that fact, as the reality of it became clear sooner rather than later in the candidating process.


So where do we go from here?  We cast our line back in the water to search for God's man!


In fact we are already in touch with a prospect who asked us to keep him informed in case number two didn't work out. I emailed him this morning and received a prompt response in the affirmative.


Joel and I have spoken by phone and have set in motion due diligence in seeking God's will with someone new. We will share further details as needed.


In the meantime, please pray with us and our succession team that the third time, Lord willing, might prove to be the charm!