OCTOBER 30, 2022 at TRBC

Here are the elements for this Sunday's worship service! 


Reformation Sunday


Pre-Teaching: The 1689 LBCF: "The Holy Scriptures" (1:1)


Hymns of Praise: 


A Mighty Fortress Is Our God & And Can It Be?


Hymn Of Gratitude: Not In Me


Old Testament Reading: Jeremiah 23:23-32

New Testament Reading: Ephesians 2:1-10


Sermon Texts: Romans 1:16-17

Sermon Title: "The Reformation and the Power of the Gospel"

                       Pastor Eric Botzet


Hymn of Response: In Christ Alone


The Lord's Table




A bratwurst fellowship meal will follow the worship service. Please bring a side dish to share.


Below is a certain retired pastor's favorite rendition of the Martin Luther classic!