In last night's study of chapter 32 in the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, we referenced Matthew 25:31-46 regarding the final judgment.


At one point in the context, Jesus makes reference to "the least of these, my brothers" (v. 40).


The question was posed "Who are they?"


Good question. I had to admit I didn't have a solid answer for it.


So I did what all good pastor/theologians do when they get stumped. I Googled it!


Turns out Kevin DeYoung did a blog post on the question for The Gospel Coalition.


His short answer up front?

The least of these” refers to other believers in need—specifically, itinerant Christian teachers dependent on other Christians for hospitality and support.


He proceeds to make a compelling case biblically for his answer.


To read more, click through to: Who Are "The Least of These?"