Trinity Reformed Baptist Church 

A Reformed Baptist Church in Idaho County, Idaho

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Pastoral Job Description


Title: Pastor-Teacher


Objective: To partner with the elders in overseeing the spiritual welfare of the flock at TRBC


Scope: Full-time




1.      Pray for the flock and with the flock (Acts 6:4).

2.      Teach the flock through preaching from the pulpit and teaching on other occasions as led—e.g., classes, week-night meetings, etc. (Acts 6:4).

3.      Lead the flock through preparing the liturgy for pulpit Sundays, assisting in executing the liturgy as required, and casting vision for future direction in congregational family meetings (Acts 20:28).

4.      Shepherd the flock through all of the above as well as by providing counsel and care for member households as needs arise.

5.      Equip the flock through helping members identify their spiritual gifts/passions and deploying them in ministries within and outside the church (Eph. 4:11-12).

6.      Serve the flock by officiating as needed at special services such as weddings, funerals, and baptisms (Matt. 20:25-28).

7.      Engage the flock through facilitating its website, social media presence, and timely communication via email, phone, and in person (1 Cor. 14:40).

8.      Represent the flock within the community at large through following up on new people and by attendance at appropriate functions—FIRE conferences, Gideon appreciation banquets, ministerial association, Life Chain, etc., (Matt. 5:16).


Working Relationships: reports directly to the elders.